Bloodroot is committed to a rotating editorial team. This year we
welcome James E. Dobson, a scholar of nineteenth and twentieth-century
American literature and digital studies. He has assisted with the
publication of the past three volumes of Bloodroot by typesetting the
text and is excited to now help select the content. He is the author
of several academic articles and two books, Modernity and
Autobiography in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary Representations
of Communication and Transportation Technologies (Palgrave, 2017) and
Critical Digital Humanities: The Search for a Methodology (Univ. of
Illinois Press, forthcoming). Dobson will be reading all of our non-fiction and
essay submissions, as well as the proposals for experimental forms or
digital projects.

Founded as a print journal by “Do” Roberts and Deloris Netzband, Bloodroot Literary Magazine was revived digitally by Rena Mosteirin, Phyllis Katz and Ivy Schweitzer in 2015. Mosteirin, Katz and Schweitzer co-edited the 2016 digital edition.

Rena Mosteirin is currently the Managing Editor. She co-edited the 2017 digital edition with Sara Biggs Chaney. Rena Mosteirin and Hannah Howard co-edited the 2018 digital edition. James E. Dobson will co-edit the 2019 digital edition.




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